how-to-read-music-notes Music & Concert

How To Read Music Notes

Learning how to read music notes is fairly easy once you understand the key to how all music is ...

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how-to-get-tickets-for-a-sold-out-gig Music & Concert

How To Get Tickets For a Sold Out Gig

There's no need to face disappointment when you hear that tickets for an upcoming performance by your favorite band, ...

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strange-chinese-celebrity-nicknames Celebrity Gossip

Strange Chinese Celebrity Nicknames

Celebrity nicknames are a dime a dozen. T-Swizzle. The Queen of Pop. The Material Girl. The Boss. And the ...

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How To Dance Samba

Introduction The Samba dance is a fun carnival dance that originated in Brazil. Also, the Samba Parade is the main attraction of the Brazilian Carnival festival. With this dance, Samba music is required. Additionally, Samba can be done alone, or with a partner. It's characterized by the pelvis tilt, and plenty of hip action and foot work are used. ...

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